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Variety of games in online casinos and their brief description

For today there are so many popular online games, and describe (and even make a list of them) all the games of this kind it is a task almost impossible. However, despite this, we decided to give you as much detailed introductory information about the most common varieties of games in today's online casino.

The roulette.

The Roulette is a real relic; it is a kind of symbol of any gambling house, as well as possible emphasizes his respectability and luxuriousness. The elementary simplicity and at the same time the logic of this interesting old game is stunning. Of course, from hearsay, the roulette was created by Blaise Pascal who is a famous mathematician who lived more than 3 centuries ago. And after 2 centuries, rules and scheme of the roulette has been improved for commercial purposes by two brothers Francois and Louis, bringing the number "zero". Incidentally, contemporaries of Francois and Louis said, that the eldest of the brothers made ​​a deal with the devil itself, to reveal all the mysteries of the roulette ... Difficult to imagine by how many fascinating legends enmeshed the wheel of fortune!

The Roulette game rules are very simple. All what is required from the player it is to guess at which exactly sector will stop the ball brought into action by the croupier. However, the current rules offer to players more chances to win. So, it is permissible to bet on a color, odd-even and other matches.

Play-gaming machines

The gaming machines are a separate and very wide variety of online casino games. It is they are most often become the first step to the world of betting and gambling for most of beginners. Why not? Colorful, simple and fascinating machines are capable for long time draw the attention of the gambler. Particularly those special skills are not required; the main thing is a Lady Luck favor. Do you feel that you are her favorite today? Then it's time for artful machine to share the revenue!

The poker

It is the game of aristocrats and intellectuals ... A game that requires enormous self-control, composure and careful calculation of each next step, not only one's own, but of the opponent. Truly, Poker is the most addictive and mesmerizing game of contemporary online casino. Moreover, poker is not just a card game but a whole world, a world in which not everyone is remaining. Be patient and observant, watch for each of opponents, remember their tactics and strategies recognize their bluff and try on yourselves -you can be sure that poker eclipses all previous passions for a long time. Do not forget that the modern poker offers to the players wide range of its kinds so the main thing - to choose your poker!


It would be pointless to repeat everything what is described in the previous paragraph, because as in the usual poker, video format of this game is attractive pastime (or whole philosophy?) In fact, video poker is one of the varieties of traditional games, namely, five-card draw poker with the exchange. The basic difference may only in the fact that you will have to fight not with alive contenders, but with a soulless mechanism. Can you fool him?


Everyone's favorite blackjack, or as it is known in common parlance, a twenty-one. The game, which is simple till indecency and exciting till losing of the boundaries of reality. Only two cards, which croupier pulled out from deck of cards and gave it to you. Only two possibilities - take another card or expose. Only one purpose - to collect 21 points or as close as possible to the 21-th points as the croupier assembled. Are you ready to fight?

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